Engineering as a path? Audiovisual stimuli to enter and complete the Production Engineering Course

Title: Engineering as a path? Audiovisual stimuli to enter and complete the Production Engineering Course

Situation: Completed

Description: Due to the growth of the economy, there is an increasing need for qualified professionals, and still a shortage of engineers. However, some actions should be undertaken to increase the number of professionals in this area and hence meet this demand. It has been observed some facts proving this point, such as the high amount of avoidance of higher education in engineering, which is due to lag of basic education, the immaturity of the students, the hasty choice of course, lack of perspective, among others. Therefore, this project aims to provide an insight into the relevance of the course of Production Engineering, so that the decision to be assertive, increasing the knowledge about the course, providing benefits after training and minimize the difficulties to be overcome during the course.

This proposal lies with both the high school students of the Public Institution Co-executor Project Foundation School Liberato Salzano Vieira Technical da Cunha, as the students entering higher education institution of Project Execution (IES) Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos UNISINOS . Short videos (drops) with graduates of both institutions will be produced in order to provide a connection between high school and higher education. Furthermore, interviews with teachers of Production Engineering UNISINOS will be made. The objective will be making this material available on YouTube, in a blog and as well as suggestions for use in an Introduction to Production Engineering.

Watch the videos produced by this project here:

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